Dr. Dobruna polyclinic was founded by dr. Agim Z. Dobruna in 1989, one of the first dental private practices in Kosovo.
Today we are a staff of five doctors, nurses and other technical staff.
At our Dental Polyclinic, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our dentists, with professional dental care teams in order to provide top quality care for your teeth.
All of our dental professionals have undergone a rigorous selection and training process to allow The Dental Clinic to offer you the best level of care.
These standards are maintained by continuous education programmes for all our staff, so you can be sure your dentist is always working with the most up to date innovations in the field.
Our team makes efforts to attend as many conferences, congresses and workshops as possible since we want to provide the best for our clients. We obtained a number of certificates that guarantee our quality.
Our dentists, hygienists and dental nurses, supported by our practice managers and receptionists, work together to deliver the highest standards of dentistry and exceptional customer care.


Dr. Agim Dobruna
Dr. Agim DobrunaSpecialist i Protetikёs Stomatologjike

Dr Agim is the founder of the dental polyclinic Dr. Dobruna.

He graduated from the University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Dentistry, while the dentistry specialization he has completed at the University of Zagreb.
In the period 1998-1999 he was a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army Medicine Company where he has performed services in the field of dentistry.
Since the opening of the polyclinic, Dr. Agim regularly attends professional trainings and seminars in and outside the country and especially in the field of dental prosthetics.
He is a member of the Association of Dentists of the Republic of Kosovo.
Today, he has treated thousands of patients with endotelous teeth and has experience over 30 years of age.
He approaches every patient professionally and in accordance with their needs and desires.
Dr Agimi is led by the constant desire to study innovations in dentistry and utilize every opportunity for further training to always keep up with techniques that apply to modern dentistry.

Dr Mentor  graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Pristina, the Department of Dentistry and specialization in the Orthodontics. In the period 1998-1999 he was a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army Medicine Company, while after the war he was a member of the 40th Battalion The Kosovo Protection Corps Medicine until their transformation into the KSF, which has been honored as the Service Medal Holder for the contribution given to the fulfillment of the Kosovo Protection Corps mission. He is a member of the Association of Dentists in Kosovo and a member of the Kosovo Orthodontics Society. From the end of the faculty he has continued with various trainings in the country and Europe especially in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.Dr Mentor is committed to providing the patient with the most modern and professional service in the field of Orthodontics and Dental Esthetics. He has recently been certified for cosmetic dentistry by the American Ultradent Company for Lumineers Placement, and has completed theoretical-practical training in Austria’s Vienna for direct and direct ceramic veneers. He has been focused in further training to the widespread use of mini-implants in Orthodontics. He is the author and co-author of several scientific publications such as: “The Freedom of Orthodontic Anomalies of Salmonella Management in Clinical Matters in QKSUK”, “Applying a Single Bracket in Treatment of Simple Canine Coverage in Mobile Therapy” , “Withdrawal of permanent ankylossing teeth with the orthodontic-surgical method”.

Dr. Mentor Z. Dobruna
Dr. Mentor Z. DobrunaSpecialist i Ortodoncisë
Dr. Nerxhivane Zejnullahu – DobrunaEndodontist

She graduated from the faculty of Dentistry at the University of Prishtina and specialization in the field of Endodontics She is a member of the Association of Dentists of Kosovo. Its knowledge, dedication and experience are crucial to the team. She brings an optimistic calm and self-perfection during work.

Her knowledge and skills focus especially on the field of restorative dentistry and modern endodontics.

Nerxhivane attends regullary various courses and conferences in the field of restorative dentistry, to be up to date with the most modern techniques and technologies for treating patients.

He has finished the faculty of Dentistry in Pristina.

During the studies, numerous symposiums and training sessions he had attend in the country and abroad.

In 2009, in Munich, Germany, he successfully completed training in the field of oral surgery with implantology, respectively in implant placement of the renowned Ankyloss firm, extension of alveolar ridge with segmental methods, maxillary sinus elevations and artificial bones compensation as well as osteotomy with the advanced Piezosurgery system.

Dr. Martir has recently focused on the side of the mobile prosthesis that relies on implants as well as prosthetic dental implants rehabilitation.

Dr. Martir A. Dobruna
Dr. Martir A. DobrunaParodontolog - Impantolog
Arijana A. Dobruna
Arijana A. DobrunaDoktor i Stomatologjisё

Arijana has completed her studies as one of the most distinguished students in the University of Prishtina at the Faculty of Medicine – Branch of Dentistry in 2016.

From the end of the studies,s he continued to participate in the contemporary trainings in the field of dentistry.

Currently, it is certified in endodontics and orthodontic training courses held both in Kosovo and Europe.

Dr. Arijana aims to continue postgraduate studies and specialization in the Orthodontics field.

Arberie Shabani
Arberie ShabaniThe main assistant
Pranvera Janova
Pranvera JanovaAssistant
Besiana Qorri
Besiana QorriAssistant
Nurie Tahiri
Nurie TahiriAssistant

Assistants are the right hand of our doctors. They are flexible and compliant whenever you want to change the time, and encourage younger patients who are more vulnerable and more frightened. Their friendly approach to patients contributes to a joyful and relaxing atmosphere in the clinic’s premises.

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